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Now you can avoid the devastation caused to your premises from burst pipes and subsequent damage, or having to close your business because of a lack of water supply.

Avoid litigation from clients slipping on icy paths, entrances and steps on your premises.

Avoid costs involved from having to allocate a member of staff to clear paths, entrances and steps with no guarantee that ice won't form anyway.

Avoid dealing with insurance companies because of damage to gutters, fascia and roofs.

Avoid the possibilities of lethal falls of snow or icicles from roofs and gutters injuring or even killing someone.

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Avoid the devastation caused in houses from burst pipes and subsequent damage, or the enormous hassle due to a lack of water supply from either well or mains supply.

Avoid possible injuries from dangerous paths, steps and entrances, and hospitals were full of people with injuries from falling during the last cold spell.

Avoid possible injuries or death from dangerous snow falls and icicle falls from roofs.

Avoid missing work due to not being able to get your car out the driveway.

Avoid dealing with insurers (that will not always cover) because of damage done to roofs, gutters and fascia along with damage to aerials and satellite dishes.

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Avoid burst pipes and subsequent damage, or lack of water supply to animals, having to try and keep breaking ice in drinkers only for it to refreeze in an instant.

Avoid losing valuable man hours wasted transporting containers of water from other farms or indeed having to fill container after container in your house (if you're lucky enough to still have a working supply there).

Avoid losing the water supply to milking parlours, or the massive extra expense of running electric heaters to try and prevent freeze.

Avoid the colossal costs if your shed collapses from the weight of snow loads, or the loss of stock as a result and the consequences to your business if you're not covered by your insurance. This is a grey area for insurance companies as snow fall does not qualify as storm damage in most cases.

Avoid the danger involved of getting up on the roof of your shed to clear the snow. This could result in serious injury or loss of life.

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